All meetings are open to the public unless otherwise noted.

Friday, March 29

9:30amFirst Day Ceremony (USPS) – Coral Reef Stamps for PostcardsGatwick
10amShow Opens to the PublicBallroom
11amMail via SiberiaJerry MillerHeathrow
1:00pmZeppelin Study Group MeetingCheryl GanzHeathrow
2:00pmGerman Inflation 1923Marcus MeyerottoGatwick
2:30pm Book Signing
Heide Wilberger will sign her Mother’s Book about Uncle Hugo Eckener
3:00pmFree Franking for Displaced Persons
in the British Zone of Germany (Meersbeck) 1945-48
Heinz SeligHeathrow
5:45pmShow Opens to the PublicBallroom
6:30pmGermany Philatelic Awards DinnerTickets in Advance

Saturday, March 30

8:00amASMS Board MeetingPenthouse Board Room
9:00amJoint GPS/Bund Board MeetingPenthouse Board Room
10amShow Opens to the PublicBallroom
10:00amAmerican Airmail Society - General Membership MeetingHeathrow
11:00amResumption of German Airmail Services in 1946Dr. Walter FarberHeathrow
1:00pmAutograph by Cachet and Cancel ArtistThomas MinorConsource Lobby
1:00pmAuction House RoundtableMichael PeterGatwick
2:00pmGermany Philatelic Society General MeetingGatwick
2:00pmAMG PostAndreas WehnerHeathrow
3:00pmAAPE’s “Open Forum on Exhibiting”gGatwick
4:00pmJudge Feedback ForumHeathrow
5:15pmShow ClosesBallroom
6:00pm St. Louis Expo Awards Banquet
Cocktails at 6:00pm
6:30pm Dinner followed by awards
Tickets required Penthouse Dining Room

Sunday, March 31

9:00am Germany Philatelic Society Board Meeting Penthouse Boardroom
10:00am Show Opens to the Public Ballroom
10:00am Das Geheimnisvolle Octogon Taxe Percure
Stempel der Volksrepublik China - And book signing
Carla MichelHeathrow
10:00am 1934 Army Airmail Flights – Success or Failure Lee DownerGatwick
11:00am Book Signing; Airmail Scandal: Army Delivery Lee DownerGatwick
11:30am Joint Meeting Missouri & Illinois Postal History Societies Heathrow
1:00pm World War II Military MailWilliam Fort Gatwick
1:00pm APS Town Hall Meeting Scott English Heathrow
2:00pm ATA Roundtable meeting Vera Felts Heathrow
2:00pm Third Reich Study Group David RipleyGatwick
15:00 Show Closes